About the Labor and Employment Team

The Labor & Employment Team presently consists of three attorneys, including the team leader, and three paralegals, assisted by an administrative team member who provides clerical support.

The legal services provided by the Labor & Employment Team include a very broad range of personnel-related issues, including but not limited to the application and interpretation of personnel rules and policy, and medical/disability issues under the ADA & FEHA, medical separation and fitness for duty, violence in the workplace, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), FMLA and other personnel leave issues, probationary and “at-will” releases from employment, and discipline hearings. We also handle Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) , Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other discrimination complaints.

The team also provides formal written opinions on various matters.  One member also serves as counsel to the Deferred Compensation Plan Committee.

The team is also designated to address issues presented with County records generally (issues of confidentiality, access to personnel records, employment inquiries for records, destruction of records, record retention policies, etc.). We also represent the Sheriff’s Office in Pitchess motions when records relating to law enforcement personnel are sought.

The Labor & Employment Team also provides advice to the Human Resources Officer, the County Administrative Officer and to the departments regarding sexual harassment and discrimination complaints and provides mandatory sexual harassment training as well as other types of training to departments and to the Supervisory Academy attendees as requested.

Team members also attend a variety of standing or ad hoc meetings and various board meetings. On an ongoing basis, attorneys may be assigned projects related to general County issues.

The Team:

The team members include Chief Deputy Jennifer M. Flores, Deputy Diana L. Mendez, Deputy Stephanie R. Smittle, Deputy Frank "Will" Jackson and Paralegals Annie Hammond, Stephanie D. Fernandes and Nelda Turney.

MISSION: To partner with our clients in support of the public good by providing professional legal services and client education.

VISION: To enjoy producing timely and quality work while also achieving a health balance between our professional and personal endeavors while promoting a successful working relationship with our clients.