About the Labor and Employment Team

The Labor & Employment Team (LET) consists of the Chief Deputy, Jennifer M. Flores, four Deputy County Counsels, one Legal Support Services Specialist, and two Paralegals, assisted by members of the Administrative Team.  LET provides advice relating to all aspects of labor and employment issues and provides basic government and transactional legal services to the Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA), the Human Resources & Development Department, Risk Management, and the justice departments (District Attorney, Department of Child Support Services, Probation, Public Defender & Sheriff's Departments).  This team works closely with the Risk Management Team on employment-related issues such as workers' compensation and medical accommodations.

In addition, LET provides legal services to the Defined Contribution Committee, the Task Force on Homelessness, the San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority, and the Grand Jury.

MISSION: To partner with our clients in support of the public good by providing professional legal services and client education.

VISION: To enjoy producing timely and quality work while also achieving a health balance between our professional and personal endeavors while promoting a successful working relationship with our clients.