About the Risk Management Team

About the Risk Management Team

The Tulare County Counsel Risk Management team is charged with protecting the County’s assets (employees, physical assets and fiscal assets).  The Risk Management Division Team consists of Interim Risk Manager: Susan L. Cox; Risk Management Analysts: Robert Anderson; Sandra Flores, Kim Starr, Robert Hernandez, Nancy Chavira and Tami Tharp; Risk Management Technicians: Elisa Alanis, Karen Lara and Stephanie Rodriguez; Supervising Civil Office Assistant: Kami Rhinehart; Civil Office Assistants: Kim Bobadilla, Gloria Bran and Yvette Mahler.

County of Tulare Departments may access the Risk Management Team Intranet here.

Scope of Authority and Functions

General Liability and Medical Malpractice.  Risk Management self administers the County’s liability claim program and directs the defense of claims and lawsuits.  Risk Management staff evaluate claims for acceptance, rejection or settlement.  Risk Management works closely with County Counsel and the Excess Insurance Carrier.  Risk Management staff evaluate claims for settlement and make recommendations to the CAO or the Board of Supervisors for settlement.

Workers’ Compensation.  The County is self-insured for its Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program.  The Risk Management Team oversees the third party claim administrator to ensure County employees receive the best possible service.  The Risk Management Team works closely with County Departments to reduce injuries and their impact in terms of loss productivity.    Risk Management staff reviews and make recommendations regarding settlement of Workers’ Compensation claims to the CAO or the Board of Supervisors.

Disability Management Program.  The Risk Management Division self administers the County’s Disability Management Program.  The Disability Management Specialist and the Disability Management Coordinator are members of the Risk Team.  The DMS staff acts as liaisons to County agencies in regard to lengthy leaves, complex accommodation and retirement filings.

Insurance Program.  The Risk Manager oversees the County’s insurance programs.  The County is a member of (CSAC-EIA) California State Association of Counties, a joint power association.  The County’s main insurance programs are the General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Property, Crime Bond, Aviation and Marine programs.

Insurance Requirements for Contracts.  The Risk Manager reviews contracts for compliance with the County’s insurance requirements.  All County Agencies are expected to adhere with the County’s contract manual.  

Safety Program.  The County Safety Officer conducts quarterly safety training, ensures the County is compliant with OSHA regulations, oversees the AED program, ATD policy, Injury Illness and Prevention Program.