Tulare County Counsel

About Our Office

The office of County Counsel renders legal services to the county. This includes representing and advising the officers and employees of the county in matters of civil concern. The County Counsel does not provide legal advice to private citizens of the county. The Office of County Counsel also represents other public agencies when not in conflict with its primary duty to represent the county and its Board of Supervisors. Other public agencies include but are not limited to the courts, the judges, certain special districts, and a variety of special districts and joint powers agencies located within the County of Tulare.


Our mission, vision and commitment to our clients.



To meet the legal and risk management challenges facing the County of Tulare in partnership with our clients.


To provide quality and innovative services to the benefit of our clients and which support the public good.

  1. To realize our vision and to accomplish our mission, our commitments are:
  2. To strive for excellence in all that we do.
  3. To act at all times as professionals.
  4. To be responsive to our clients' need for service and assist our clients in meeting objectives which advance their best interests.
  5. To use new technology and management innovation to maintain and improve our delivery of services.
  6. To be effective by the constructive use of time.
  7. To work together as team with a positive manner and attitude, both within the office and in partnership with our clients.
  8. To be proactive and innovative in our delivery of services.
  9. To learn from our clients about their needs and limitations, and to educate our clients about our needs and limitations, to provide the best service possible.
  10. To maintain a "can do" attitude and healthy perspective toward any challenge that confronts us.
  11. To exemplify integrity by keeping our commitments.